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Amano Shuninta:
Adult Women Don't Try Too Hard
Not For Sale
The Structural Formula of First Love
Sweet Exercise

Aoki Mitsue:
The Papaya Gang
Princess Princess

Ariyoshi Kyouko:
Dream Message (Yume Message) (planned project)

Asou Natsuko:
Piano Lesson
Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Girls' Aesthetics
Girls' Secret Nectar
Hao! (and Hao!)
Love and SeX
Yuri Game

Fujieda Miyabi:
Chatting at the Amber Teahouse
The Miko's Words and the Witch's Incantations

Girls' Lives
Girl's End
Under One Roof

Fuji Tamaki:
Red-Eyed Adrianne
Today's Forecast Is...

Hakamada Mera:
The Flower Garden Legend
If This Wish Comes True
The Prince of the Night Sky and the Princess of the Morning Glow

Hanatsu Yaya:
I Love You
Our Future
.traeH and Past Heaven

Haruno Nanae:
Double House

Hayase Hashiba:
Blue (and Image Change)
Sakura (Marimite doujinshi)
The Two of Us

Hayashiya Shizuru:
Dark Half (Utena doujinshi; planned project)
Don't Let Me Down (Marimite doujinshi; planned project)
Guidebook (Sailor Moon doujinshi)
Killer Queen (link to yurizuki; Marimite doujinshi; planned project)
Kiss Doll (link to yurizuki)
Sadistic (Sailor Moon doujinshi; planned project)
Strawberry Shake Sweet (previously known as Strawberry Shake)
Supernova (Sailor Moon doujinshi)
V Hunter

Hirota Kaoru:
Fuzzy Pain (Marimite doujinshi)
Treasure (Marimite doujinshi)

Hisaka Mika:
Talking About "Waves"
Through Eyeglasses Darkly

Horii Kisuke (Raku-Gun):
Easing Boredom (Marimite doujinshi)
Junior Sweet (Aria doujinshi)

Hoshiai Hiro:
Shining Mars
Sketch From the Heart
The Tale of the Wild Roses

Ichijou Yukari:
Maya's Funeral Procession
That's Why I Sigh

Ikeda Riyoko:
Futarippochi (planned project)
Oniisama e
Rose of Versailles

Inoue Shinkai:
Alice Turn Back Clock
Pops 2nd
(See Wings of Yuri for "Some Glittering Day," the second sequel to "Pops")
ZLAY Bomb Tour

Izumi Yuu:
Let's Go to Heaven
Spiral of Pleasure

Johnouchi Nene:
Apple Day Dream (dropped except for extras)
From Your L-I-P-S
Teacher's Pet

Kaneko Botan:
A Lemon Pie Afternoon (Marimite doujinshi)
Violet (Marimite doujinshi)

Kazuma Kowo:
Erasing Love and Wishes
Pure Water Adolescence
Sitting Behind the Girl I Love
The Three-Second Rule

Kizuki Akira:
Ebisu-san and Hotei-san
Needles and Oranges

Kodama Naoko:
Border Line (Marimite doujinshi)
Sei's Diary (Marimite doujinshi)

Konno Kita:
The Female Body
Nowhere to Go (licensed)
In the Afternoon (sequel to Nowhere to Go; licensed)
The Secret Stairs
Under the Rose

Makise Renko:
Guidebook (Sailor Moon doujinshi)
Supernova (Sailor Moon doujinshi)

Matsufuji Junko:
The Christmas Eve Couple
Our Fake Relationship
Surprise Party

Matsumoto Michiyo:
Drifting Body

Minami Haruka (aka Minami Kazuka):
Assorted shorts from Colorful Moon 8
Me and Her

Minami Q-ta:
Hands Off My Girl
I Say A Little Prayer
Not All Chicks Are Retards
Please God
Under the Ceiling

Morinaga Milk:
Amai Kuchibiru (Sweet Lips)
Bathroom of Love (Odoru Daisousasen doujinshi)
Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry-Blossom Pink
Garden (Utena doujinshi; planned project)
Girl Friends (link to yurizuki)
L'Oiseau Blew (Utena doujinshi)
Mare (link to yurizuki)
Million Kisses (Sailor Moon doujinshi short)
Nikurashii Anata e (link to yurizuki)
The Power of Love (Odoru Daisousasen doujinshi)
The Secret Recipe
Wandafuru (link to yurizuki)

Morishima Akiko:
Angels' Wings
The Conditions For Paradise (Rakuen no Jouken)
The Fragrant Sea Breeze
Full of Memories
Futarigoto (link to yurizuki)
Girls of Sun and Sea
Happy Picture Diary
Honey & Mustard 2.5
A Lapis-Lazuli Blue Dream
Let's Meet in the Movie Version (Sailor Moon doujinshi)
Midsummer Lovers
Off Time
Office Romance: Women's Division
Our First Time (Hajimete, Kanojo to)
Slave to Love
TakuLez Meet-Up Report
YurixYuri Observation Diary

Muttri Moony:
Platinum 78 (Sailor Moon doujinshi)
Zettai Roman

Nanzaki Iku:
First Impression
Sweet Little Devil

Beautiful Pain extra
Butterfly 69
Incident at Honnoji Temple
Nightmare Syndrome

Nishi Uko:
P. V.

Obara Ayako:
Baby Lips
The Power of Love: I Miss You

Ogiura Tomoko:
A Bewildering Flower
Pure White Sigh
The Red Love Letter

Onozucca Kahori:
Love Slave
Nico Says (link to yurizuki)
Pure Shadow

Ootsuka Poteto:
Maze of Flowers

Otosaki Tsubaki:
About a Girl
Comment ���a Va?
Endless Narcissus
She, her, her, hers

Otsu Hiyori:
Aqua Blue Cinema
Orange & Yellow
Othello (Part A, Part B)
Your Cuteness

Otsuki Miu:
Love Potion

Ruri Hozuki and Sakura Shio:
Hansel, Gretel, and the Witch (link to yurizuki)
Lily White
The Little Mermaid
Little Yuri Riding Hood
Princess Kaguya
The Red Demon Who Cried "Moe!"
Tsunderella (planned project)
The Wolf-Girl and the Seven Kids

Saida Nica:
Blue Spring Runnings
Cirque Arachne

Sakazaki Sara:
Like a Flower
Little Birds of Paradise

Shimura Takako:
Happy-Go-Lucky Days 2
Sweet 16
Sweet Blue Flowers

Sugio Hisako:

Takahashi Mako:
A Drop of Ocean
Footprints in the Snow
Living-Room Flower
Maidens' Cake
Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry
Sumire-chan's Tears
A Water Balloon, a Goldfish, and Ramune

Takemiya Jin:
Fragments of Love
I Await Your Reply (sequel: Sorry I'm Obsessed)
Love * Aroma
Love Flicker
Sweet Temptation (sequel: Sweet Desire)

Takemoto Izumi:
Sakura's Boundaries
Transistor Venus

Tanaka Minoru
A Piece of Candy
Rock it, GIRL!!
Vampire Girl

Teramoto Kaoru (UA):
Contact (link to yurizuki)
Eden (Marimite doujinshi)
Infection (Marimite doujinshi)
Rosenkreuz (Marimite doujinshi)

Christmas Eve Present
Kiseki Goten (The Miracle Palace) (planned project)

Yamada Mario (Studio Canopus):
be bound (Sailor Moon doujinshi)
Hoshi ni Negai wo (link to yurizuki)
The Little Mermaid (Sailor Moon doujinshi)
Lonely Tropical Fish (Sailor Moon doujinshi)
Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made (link to yurizuki)
Tou no Naka no Himegimi (link to yurizuki)
Your Eyes Only (Sailor Moon doujinshi)

Yamagishi Ryouko:
Medusa (planned project)
Shiroi Heya no Futari

Yamaji Ebine:
Free Soul
Indigo Blue
Sweet Lovin' Baby

Yotsuhara Furiko:
Imprinting Coffee
Sleeping Beauty's Dream
Sour Grapes
A Violet at Zero Degrees Kelvin (extra: Sharing Heat)

Yuzuha Seiro:
Flowers Dwelling in a Forest Manor
Sweetly Reeling

Zaou Taishi and Eiki Eiki:
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter