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one-shots by Minami Q-ta | mature

Fun After School - released June 19, 2006 - 8.5MB [mirror][mirror2]
School Days - released September 6, 2006 - 5.0MB [mirror][mirror2]

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"Fun After School" is a two-part one-shot that tells about the relationship between Iwata Megumi, the idol of Chofu High School, and Midorikawa Mayuko, also known as Miss Chofu High School. When another student takes a picture of the two of them in an intimate moment, what lengths will Megumi go to to get the picture and negative? Note: contains nonconsensual sexual situations.
"School Days" centers around a girl named Misaki who hates the co-ed school she was forced to transfer to and desperately misses her best friend from the girls' school she used to attend. Note: contains het (heterosexual) sex.

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