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From the group founder:
Lililicious... where did that name come from?
Well, Lily means Yuri, which means Girl X Girl love. Licious is... U know ;)
So Lililicious is Yuri-delight!!

So it has been asked of me where the idea came from to start a Yuri group. Well, for all you curious people: this actually started as a joke!! Someone suggested to me that I make a yuri channel (while I was playing with my dah-ling), and so I did... and people actually came... and then I was like "hmm... maybe I'll do a release".. and someone just so happened to have a yuri scan and i got someone to translate it for me and so... then more people came and soon I had a scanner and a translator, and editors, and oh my god we were a group!!
OK that's my little story ^^