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Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry-Blossom Pink cover Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry-Blossom Pink
by Morinaga Milk - 2 volumes (partly one-shots) | finished and dropped

This series has been licensed by Seven Seas. Please buy it from them if you enjoyed it!

A series of loosely-connected stories. "Even if We're Not Friends," "If I Kiss Her Ring Finger," "Chocolate Kiss Kiss," and "Wishing on the Moon" feature the same protagonists, and all the stories take place at the same school.

A five-chapter continuation recently ran in Comic High, focusing on Nana and Hitomi.

"Even if We're not Friends" is about two girls who were friends in junior high but end up going to different high schools.
In "A Kiss, Love, and a Prince," the main character is kissed by her sempai, who is playing opposite her in the school play, and freaks out because she always imagined her first kiss would be with a boy, preferably a dashing prince.
"This Love From I Can't Remember When" tells the story of one girl's unrequited love.
"The Summer Closest to Heaven" tells the story of a ghost who accidentally possesses a girl, then takes advantage of the situation to interact with the woman she loves.
"Real Love" is about a pure-hearted writer who is baffled when an underclassman suddenly confesses her feelings to her.
"Cherries For Your Lips" is about a girl who's in love with her best friend.
"If I Kiss Her Ring Finger" is the sequel to "Even if We're Not Friends." Nana wants to take things farther with Hitomi, but Hitomi doesn't seem interested. Meanwhile, Nana's failed her midterms, and she uses the make-up tests as an excuse to avoid Hitomi.
"Chocolate Kiss Kiss" comes after "If I Kiss Her Ring Finger." Valentine's Day is coming up, bringing both sweet and sad memories for Nana and Hitomi.
"Wishing on the Moon" comes after "Chocolate Kiss Kiss." Can Nana and Hitomi manage to balance their relationship with the other demands on their time?

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