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Maria-sama ga Miteru Doujinshi Anthology

Fuzzy Pain - released July 3, 2005 - 3.3MB [mirror][mirror2]
Sei's Diary - released October 18, 2005 - 3.5MB [mirror][mirror2]
Infection - released November 15, 2005 - 2.5MB [mirror][mirror2]
Violet - released January 11, 2005 - 6.9MB [mirror][mirror2]

downloads hosted by pig2cat, Capricious Whim, and xklerios

The second in a series of Maria-sama ga Miteru doujinshi anthologies. The overall quality of this anthology is very good; we will be scanlating our favorite stories from it.

"Fuzzy Pain," by Hirota Kaoru, is a very short SeixYouko story. Sei happens upon Youko sleeping, and contemplates waking her with a kiss.
"Sei's Diary," by Kodama Naoko, focuses on Kei, Sei, and Shiori. Sei decides to take up writing in a diary, then finds she doesn't know what to write.
"Infection," by Teramoto Kaoru, is about the conflict between Sei's feelings for Youko and her fear of getting hurt. Teramoto Kaoru also did a story in the Yuri Tengoku anthology, and does other doujinshi under the circle name UA.
"Violet," by Kaneko Botan, is about Shimako and Sei, as well as Shimako's uncertainties about her position as a bouton.

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