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Strawberry Shake Sweet 1.5 cover Strawberry Shake Sweet 1.5
Special mini-book by Hayashiya Shizuru

Strawberry Shake Sweet 1.5 - released July 27, 2008 - 5.2MB [mirror][mirror2][mirror3]

download hosted by pig2cat, Reese, and xklerios

In Strawberry Shake Sweet 1.5, we discover what really happened when Ran spent the night at Julia's place. There's also a subplot about Kaoru and Saeki drinking sake together, and a special Q&A with Hayashiya Shizuru.
This was a special send-away item for Yuri Hime magazine. It's not available in stores.

Since this is a rare booklet, we're also offering the raw scans (cleaned by Mukiki) for download here. Please spread them around! If anyone wants the unresized raw scans for graphics and the like, just drop me a line at erin dot sub at gmail dot com and I'll upload them too.

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