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Yuri Hime Selection: Spring 2007 cover Yuri Hime Selection: Spring 2007
Beyond the Stars - released December 29, 2008
Her Cat Wards Off My Bad Dreams - released March 10, 2009 - 3.2MB [mirror][mirror2][mirror3]
Love Letter - released March 11, 2009 - 5.7MB [mirror][mirror2][mirror3]
Bitter Seek - released April 22, 2010 - 3.8MB [mirror][mirror2][mirror3]

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A collection of some past one-shots from Yuri Shimai, as well as one-shots written specifically for this anthology.

"Beyond the Stars," the prequel to Morishima Akiko's "The Conditions For Paradise," is about how Sarina and Sumi first became more than friends. This has been licensed by Seven Seas, so we've removed all downloads. Please buy the Conditions of Paradise collection from them when it comes out!
In Hakamada Mera's "Her Cat Wards Off My Bad Dreams," a girl thinks that all the girls she's dated are all the same to her... or are they?
In Otsu Hiyori's "Love Letter," a girl asks her friend to give a love letter to a boy for her. Too bad she has no idea her friend is in love with her...
In "Bitter Seek," by Oikawa Jinko, the protagonist asks another girl to model her designs at the school festival.

See here for a full list of the contents.
We will NOT be doing Apple Day Dream or Nanami and Misuzu.

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